Jackery fit packs a large amount of juice for you're on the go moment!

Jackery reached out to me to put to the test the Jackery Fit which packs 9000 mAh of juice. It's a lot of power and this little baby is a bit hefty for what you get. It's about the same size as a double pack of cards, but it ways about the same as a builder measuring tape for weight comparison.

Now that I reflect on the above, I know for a fact that battery packs can be made smaller and pack just as much power. Being the size that it is, it's quite convenient.

This item is sold on Amazon Canada for $29.99, which is a pretty good deal for what you get. You'd be hard pressed to find other alternatives that will pack that much power for the same price range.

Let's see the specs on this monster:

Capacity:  9000mAh Dimensions:  3.9 x 2.5 x 0.8 inch
Charge Time:  7 hours (Avg) Weight:  7.3 oz
Output:  5V / 2.1A Input:  5V / 2.1A (max.)

** I'd like to point a correction. Although the package of the box indicates an output of 2.1A I can guarantee you that you'll get 2.4A out of it. I tested it with a meter.

This is a premium quality power bank which offers you quite a bit of power. The design offers a unibody out of aluminium with LED indicator for the power level. You have the ability to trigger a small LED light by pressing power twice. Jackery bolsters up to 6 months worth of standby time.

Jackery would like to make sure that anyone getting one of their products will benefit from the Extended Warranty by providing an 18-month warranty and customer-friendly support.

I love the form factor of this portable battery bank, it fits in my pockets and I can sit it with my phone and go for quite a while without the needed for an actual wall plug. I didn't find any cons while using the product except for the fact that its a bit heavier than what I've had with other brands.

This one gets a 5/5 for its ease of use, usefulness, power capacity and besides it looks pretty slick. I would of went for a sky blue version had they had one.

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