Glider Gloves 20% off pre-season sale

It's definitely no longer summer.  We still hit the 20s during the day in Thunder bay, but the leaves have started to turn and the surrounding areas are starting to get frost warning (gotta watch out for our pumpkins).

You know, frost eventually means snow... and with snow, well ewe'll need to be getting out the winter wear.

One thing I don't go without for mine is a pair of Glider Gloves (while temperature permits).  Glider Gloves have been covered time and again on our site here, and they're just awesome.

If you're thinking of getting a pair this winter, or need to replace something from a few years back, now's the time to pick one up as they have them on sale for 20% off at the moment (until the 25th).

Remember that the gloves come in either an 'urban' (lighter) or a 'winter' style (heavier) and they can even come with an Ingress edition.

Plus, they're a cool Canadian company... support your fellow citizens (shop 'local').