Getting jacked by Jackery TITAN S will have you pump for more juice!

Jackery wanted me to take the TITAN S for a spin, they've got a good reason for throwing this beats my way. Have you seen this monster? With 3 ports to deliver 20100 mAh, there's no shortage of power for anyone. The average consumer may want to opt for a solution that provides bountiful amounts of power while they're on the go. Our power consumption is increasing; smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and who knows what other devices we have around that will need to be juiced up.

Jackery TITAN S 3 ports
The image above is pretty self-explanatory; 3A Max Smart fit port, 18W Max QC 2.0 port and with the slew of USB-C device that is now available you've got the 3A USB-C which also acts as the charging port for the battery as well. You'll need to either have a USB-C to USB-C block charger or a USB-C to USB-A cable to charge this beast. The good thing is that Jackery thought about everyone and made sure that anyone could charge this, they've included the USB-C cable and the USB-A cable. This ensures that anyone can match themselves to this battery charger.

I've been using this battery now for a week, I haven't charged it yet and it's been the only source of power for my Nexus 6P, my Bluetooth adapter. I'm down to 1 LED light, which tells me I've got 25% or less power left in it. The best use case I can think of for this monster; Throw it into the Energi+ Back Pack from TYLT.

My battery monster brings all the geeks to my yard, damn right it's better than yours!
The TITAN S features Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology which allows devices to charge up to 75% faster. Getting as much as 8 hours in about 15 minutes. The USB type C input/output delivers a full 3A which can quick charge the Nexus 6P and this is noted by the charging rapidly on the device. While also have a third port which can match any device up to 3A worth of power, giving a tablet it's full charging capacity.

While a lot of different devices on the market, Jackery boast that they're device is the first to feature 2.0 QC on a battery size of 20100 mAh. With the exclusive SmartFit technology it can provide universal full charging capacity to any device that doesn't make use of quick charge tech. With its superior quality in its Panasonic Li-ion cells, Jackery ensures that you get what you pay for.

You'll get the most out of this battery pack with its 500+ recharge cycles over its lifespan. On top of that, Jackery has excellent customer service agents and honours their warranty.


You can get yourself a beast on Amazon Canada currently on sale for $47.99. Here's the link