Feel The Wear - Take Control of Your Wear Watch

Feel The Wear is a very handy little app to help you customize the way your Android Wear device handles notifications.

Feel the Wear allows you to customize the vibration style, length, and number of vibrations. If you have a Android Wear Watch such as the Huawei Watch that has a speaker built in, you're also able to customize the sounds used.

There's about a dozen of built in sounds for your Wear Watch to use on the free version. However, if you'd like to add your own custom sounds, you'll need to pay for the premium version, which will run you about $4. This is not required, only if you want access to those premium features.
You're able to customize each app with its own sound, vibration pattern, length, as well as the time your screen stays lit for when receiving a notification, and optional quiet hours.

Having this level of control over you Android Wear Watch is a must in my books, and with that being said, I recommend Feel The Wear for all Wear users