AndroidTO happening November 2nd 2016


I know I'm excited!

Just the other day I was reminiscing how it's fall time and one of my traditions is to head to Toronto and enjoy some Android geekery.  And I was wondering when this year's AndroidTO event was going to be.

It was usually in October, and then last year it changed to later (hey, the folks putting it on have regular jobs, it's not easy to do) and it was December 1st.

This year seems to split the difference as it'll be November 2nd.

Not a lot of information on the site right now as they're starting to take suggestions for speakers.  What we do know is that it will be held at the Mars Discovery District again and that the early bird (they don't say how long early bird will last) is going to be $99 for the day.

So looking forward to it.

Are you?