Samsung Galaxy Note 7 VRS Design High Pro Shield Case recommendation

Diving into VRS Design with the High Pro Shield is the right choice to make for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Just like the Nexus 6P VRS hits all the right notes.

Let me point out that VRS Design does offer a great selection of different style of cases over here, but I'm going to aim for the High Pro Shield, this is by far favourite case.

This design offers a military grade TPU case, a solid piece of bumper and to top it off, you get a kickstand to use for landscape viewing. Shelling out $29,99 USD hasn't been so easy right?

This case provides you with an excellent grip and feel. You'll notice that it doesn't add-on much bulk to the phone itself and it's the perfect companion. Many are prone to dropping their devices and this is quite true as I work in the field and most people looking for a repair are all from drops and no cases.

You'd think I wouldn't be making money? But you'd be wrong, I make loads of money on repairs and I get repeat offenders up to 3 times a year.

This is my Monday recommendation to you Samsung Galaxy Note 7 consumers! GO GET IT!

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