[Review]Mpow Thor headphones are a decent option for the music listener

With all the talk lately of phones like the Moto Z and potentially the iPhone 7 losing the headphone jack, folks are strongly looking for good bluetooth headsets.  So in that search, I've come across the Mpow Thor.

As a good alternative to the other sets I have (and it's getting a little sad how many I have) I like to have 'choice' and for $36 it's in that range of not too expensive, so why not... but also sets the expectations a little on the lower side - that being said, when I go out to 'camp' (okay, 'cottage' for you non-Northwestern Ontario folks) I don't really want to be bringing my expensive items out there.

So, I get them, and well... they feel a little light, which doesn't bode well in my mind.

There's also the smallest, flimsiest 1/8" cord which saddens me to plug into when you want wired.  Yes, I'm going to be using it 99% of the time in BT mode, but still, I like to feel like I have a good cord to plug in when necessary.  Also, if you use just the cord you can't use it as a headset for phone calls as the mic isn't activated then.

The headset charges by microUSB and a cable is provided as well in the box.

The 'cans' themselves are pretty good and have a nice cushion and it's very easy to adjust the length of the headband.

Then you power it up with it's own dedicated power button (I like having more buttons) and pairing is ultra simple and we're listening to music.

Know how I mentioned I like more buttons and not a fan of multifunction ones?  Well, the skip/prev double as the volume+/- ones.  And it's the kind where long press the skip for it to slowly volume up.  So this takes some time to get used to as I turn it up and hten if I want to turn it up againI will accidentally just hit the skip button... or if I remember I have to long press again.

I get around this by just setting it to as loud as it goes and control the volume with my phone/watch.  It's a pain... sigh.

I plugged them in and used them while mowing my lawn in the back y ard and then used them as bluetooth while I mowed the front lawn.  In either case they did a pretty good job of keeping the noise out... not perfect, but I listened to my music and got all of the nuances out of it.

I don't know if it's real or not, but they feel a little louder on bluetooth mode ... maybe it's just me.  They weren't so loud that if I took them off and put them on the table that it was noisy for anyone around.

They are supposed to last about 8 hours, and I never got near that length of test time while mowing or using them over the weekend on a trip and it hadn't died.  Unfortunately we don't get a battery read-out for this set in the notification tray like other bluetooth headsets (not that it's a perfect read-out on those, but but gives you a suggestion on how much time you have left or when you should go charge it).

Overall, for $36 it's not a bad price, and for the non-discerning music user it will adequately do the job.  Personally, I'll opt for one of my more expensive headsets, but should I find myself doing something that may be a little more 'rugged' where I think that the expensive sets would face some risk, I'll use these instead.

Source:  https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01GE6OS3I