Google's new video messaging app Duo is now available

So, yesterday we had heard that Hangouts on Air was being moved from Hangouts to Youtube Live it's making me wonder the future of Hangouts... I won't rehash the whole issue I have with the Duo/Allo/Hangouts trifecta that exists and the whole "why?" of it all... but it's there.  (Maybe this is why Hangouts has been effin' up on me the past week or so... forcing me to leave it).

And today we get Duo.  Not Allo yet, but that's coming.

I've not gotten the app via the Play Store yet (I'm still registered), yet you can download via APK Mirror.

I'll wait.  But my biggest beef with Duo is that it has to be attached to a phone number.  Personally, I don't know why I'd need to tether the app to a phone number, that personally, I'd like to ditch.  I want data only.  I want to be able to use Duo on my phone, my tablet, my work phone, my roaming phone, my laptop, my computer... hopefully only having to use one account.

Source:  Google Blog | APK Mirror