Android Nougat is out!

The next major version of Android was released today called Android Nougat, which brings the version number to 7.0.

There are already a ton of articles talking about this today, so instead of being redundant, I’ll list out some of the best content to check out;

Early OTA access and Night Mode

If you were part of the Android beta program to try out Android N before Nougat was released, you are fist in line for the Nougat OTA. I, along with several people I know who were also beta testers, got our OTA’s earlier today, and the size was only 30MB or so, rather than the full ~1GB for the full deal from Marshmallow to Nougat.

If wanted to rush the OTA, people, including a friend of mine, who was able to sign up for the beta today, and got the Nougat OTA very shortly after! It’s like cutting in line, but it works!

Also, for those of you who’ve been on the beta program, may have used Android’s Night Mode. This feature tints the screen red, making it easier on the eyes in low light or darkness. I use it often when I read in bed, right before I sleep. It’s been great. There was word this feature wouldn’t make it into Android Nougat though, so I had expected it to disappear after updating. It did not!

However, as +Martin Guay just confirmed, he factory reset his Nexus 6P to give the phone a clean slate. He too had the beta option, Night Mode. After the reset, he lost that. Just a heads up in case Night Mode is very important to you.