Sony's Xperia X Performance Canada's Edition the 24 hours experience

I unplugged my Sony Xperia X Performance shy of 6am on Saturday and I wanted to do the Sony's Xperia X Performance Canada's Edition the 24 hours experience. This was going to be the daily test throughout my weekend and see how far I can take this.

M'm sitting here on my sofa, it's Sunday morning 10:27am and it's been connected to charge. By 9am I was down to 16%. Yeah, WHAT IN THE WORLD? Is exactly what I was thinking. Sony's put thoughts into creating an experience for longevity without sacrificing performance.

This leaves me with a 27 hours worth of normal usage, day to day use of the device. Give or take depending on how crazy it gets during the day, a normal consumer would have no problem getting 24 hours worth of usage out of this device.

Of course in my 12 hours experience, I was trying to kill the device as fast as possible and this was achieved in 7 hours of pure constant usage, but, this also gave me 7 hours worth of actual screen time.

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