Pokemon Go is out - just download the APK to play in Canada

My kid is going to literally flip shit when he sees that we can now play Pokemon Go.

Now, it officially hasn't rolled to Canada quite yet, but you can download the APK from sites (like APK Mirror) and set up with a Google account and play.

Most of the game is using the Ingress world map so even though it hasn't rolled out to us, the portals (or in this case pokestops) are still there.  I've been playing from my desk and caught a few already (there's a few portals nearby to me).

I don't know anything about Pokemon, but it still is pretty fun.

You get to set up your own character with a name and bit of a customized look.

Then you walk around to different areas of the map to see Pokestops (not sure what they are yet) or Gyms (you need to be level 5).  I'm not sure what makes what Ingress portal a different item on the map as not all portals are in yet, and what's a gym here (say, a library) is not a gym over there (but maybe a church is).

Eventually you come across some Pokemon, and then you'll need a ball to catch them.

You can have your camera on and see them in AR, or just a simulated background.  Fling the pokeball their way (it's a little tricky at first ... and I'm not entirely certain I understand the mechanics) and you'll hopefully catch one.

There's a lot to check out yet, and see what things do (like pokestop mods or pokedex, etc...) and a lot for me to learn as I really don't understand what it all means.  But it sounds like it's going to be fun!