Patec HD telephoto lens kit

We've reviewed a few different lens adapters for your phone on this site in the past, and then I got the one today.  Now it's a telephoto adapter, nothing new... except this one has some 'heft' to it.

As well it should, for $40 from Patec, it's meant to not just be one of those novelty adapters you put on, it has a nice brass telephoto adapter that screws on to the clip.

The clip is fairly large, but that's to ensure that there's a tight fit on the device o ensure no light leak into it.  And it does a great job of that.

It's a little bulky with the size of it, and it does take some figgerin' to get it just right over the lens and not get vignetting (you can see just a bit on the bottom right of the above photo).

The bulk does mean that most likely it's going to cover your sensors/flash (not that you'll need a flash for telephoto shots, or that it would be effective).

Overall it's a great accessory to keep in the pocket to help you out in that scenario where you want a photo a little more zoomed in.  Consider it!