I take a look at a charging solution called Fourza from GELID Solutions

Like many, I have plenty of devices to charge. Going from smartphone, tablets, to accessories, I sometimes need to have more than just the odd outlet. This is where I take a look at a charging solution called Fourza from GELID Solutions.

Being that I test a lot of different products that all require being charged from time to time, this was the perfect time to put Fourza to the test. At this present time, this seems to be one of the best solutions in place that I've seen or had the pleasure to work with. It's important to note that it's currently not available in Canada via their Amazon store. The device is being sold for $39.90EUR.

I'm hopeful that it will be sold in Canada shortly, as this would provide many people with a useful method for charging many devices in one single spot.

Fourza is a sleek looking charging station, it has a unique design and modern feel to it. Setting this in the living room, computer table or even in the kitchen would make this device perform for almost everyone. I'm thinking I may just set mine outside on the covered patio for friends and family to use when their over.

It fits all the smartphone I tested, however, I had some trouble getting the Xperia Z2 Tablet to stay in the slot, this tells me that some tablets may not sit well with this particular docking station.

If we go over the technical specifications you'll see that this can definitely drive power to each of your devices.

Technical Specs
  • Active Mode Efficiency: 87%
  • Dimensions (l)x(w)x(h) (mm): 190x120x53
  • Idle Power Consumption (W): 0.06
  • Max Output Current (A): 2.4 per Port
  • Number of USB Ports: 4
  • Power Output (W): 48 (total)
  • Weight (gram): 430

What could one ask more about this? Since USB-C is going to be an upcoming standard, it may have been a good idea to thinking about version 2.0 of this device to incorporate USB-C. Interested to check them out for yourself? You can visit http://fourza.co/.

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