Have you been Untappd yet? Drink beer? Social about it?


Have you been Untappd yet? Drink beer? Social about it? I know I've been introduced to micro beers from all over the place, Ontario, Quebec, Halifax and the likes and the list keeps on growing. Many more people are starting to develop a fine interest for craft beer and it's expanding. With an app like Untappd, many breweries have started to even follow consumers back, toasting, commenting, taking notes and even to the point of producing new beers base on customers suggestions!

I've been recently taking part in the online social aspect of sharing what I drink, think and comment on the beers I've been enjoying. I've discovered many different kinds and some that we can't mention because OMG the taste is awful. It's always a new experiment whenever you follow the recommendation of people who are also interested in good beers.

This isn't so much a review, more so seeing who among us is a beer drinker, an android smartphone lover who just so happens to be on Untappd!

If you visit the Google Play store from your mobile device or PC, you can look up "Untappd", join in the fun of sharing new and interesting beer with everyone! Some of your friends might call you a social alcoholic, but who really cares? If we're all being honest, we all have our share and moments where we indulge.

Me and +Ryan Moore always on the lookout for new and interesting brews, why not comment and interact with us? You can also find me at www.cryovex.com.