Canada WILL GET the Google Play Family Library ... soon

So, in my house the 3 of us all have an account and we each get various Google Play gift cards and buy our own apps and music and whatnot.

I tried with our Google TV to have a 'main account' - but that didn't work out so well.

And just last night my son wanted to buy "Octodad" for our Nexus Player so he can play it... he has his own account with some credit to buy it, but then it wouldn't be on the Player... I could buy it, but... c'mon, the game looks ridiculous and I'd feel a little odd paying the money for just my son to use it.

Well, just in time Android just announced their "Family Library".

The idea is that you enroll your account and add in other addresses to that account.  Then, when that account makes a purchase that is 'eligible' it can then be 'seen' across the other account devices.

This is awesome.  At the bottom of the blog they even mention CANADA getting it... we're not left out!!

But, it's still rolling out.  IN discussions with some friends in the USA not al of them even have it... so we may have a bit to wait before I get a different result from

Instead of a 'when', I'm more interested in seeing if past purchases can count and will it be up to the developer/studio/artist to decide if they want to be compatible.  It would really suck if less than 10% are eligible