Watch today's Lenovo's Moto Announcement (livestream)

Today is the day that Lenovo will be making an announcement at Lenovo Tech World.  At 10AM PT (so 1PM EDT) we'll be able to hear what they've got in store for us.

Will it be a new phone?  Most likely.  It's due for that Moto X version (or is it the Z version we keep hearing about?).  They even mention the first Project Tango enabled device.

Will it be something else?  Maybe? Maybe some new VR viewer... maybe some new Moto Assist features, and then ... oh, what was that little earbud thing.

Maybe it's time to see a new watch?

Well, just under 4 hours to go to find out.

The event will be live streamed so you can join in all the fun (I wish with all this talk of AR and VR that they could have included the launch as a 360 experience, like OnePlus did with their 2).

LIVE FROM SAN FRANCISCO: Lenovo Tech World is back, and it’s bigger, better and bolder than ever. Watch us launch the world’s first Project Tango-enabled smartphone, which promises to make AR and VR as pervasive as your GPS. Be the first to find out how Moto will transform the smartphone in a snap. View our latest concept products – the innovative features we introduce today will inspire the technology of tomorrow. 

Tune into the Tech World livestream on June 9 at 1pm EST for ground breaking announcements, special guests, major product launches and insight into industry transformations.