Mpow Quick Charge Car Adapter [review]

Taking my phone with me throughout the day means that I need to have some juice at the ready.  My battery does last me the full day I'm one of those worry-warts that if i see it a like 60-70% I feel the need to charge it up.

At the office I have just my computer to charge, so it's pretty slow.  Luckily I have my quick charger in the car - a few minutes on charge for the commute home puts me up pretty quickly.

The charger I'm using is the Mpow QuickCharge (2.0) car adapter.  It has 2 USB ports, one rated 2.4A (so a fairly rapid charge speed) and the other rated for QC2.0 for those devices that can take advantage of it (like my G4).  This means I can charge my son's Note 2 at the fastest it can charge and my G4 at the fastest it can charge.

It comes with an appropriate cable for rapid charge (I'm surprised how many of my cables I have around that aren't) but I like using my MicFlip cables (call me a snob).

The device performs exactly as you would expect, and my 20 minute drive earns me about 30% of battery or so, depends if I do some Ingress (or would that be 'car'gress).

It's nice knowing that with even a little bit of time on a QC adapter can have big payouts for my battery, so it's very handy.

Speaking of handy, it is a little large, and doesn't quite sit flush with the socket, which gives your hands a little bit of an easier time to pry it out of the socket if you ever wanted to remove it (why?  just leave it in eh?), but it's just enough that it's a bit out of place looking (or I just have OCD).

 In the end, it's definitely going to be something worth the $24 for you.  Sure, you could purchase some really cheap car adapter online elsewhere that doesn't have QC, but you paid for a phone that is capable of it, and for the few dollars difference, getting that extra juice quicker is really worth it.

I'd really recommend this as something that everybody needs anyways, so why not get the best available for your device.

Source:  Amazon for $24CDN