Ever feel like you need to clean your phone's screen - use Whoosh!

I'll admit it.  I've used my phone everywhere.  I wouldn't call myself a 'toilet texter', but only because I rarely ever text.

Some times the places we use our phones leaves them slightly less than 'hygienic'.  personally, I don't mind so much.  There are germs everywhere.  But sometimes there are others out there that do concern themselves with how clean things are.

Now, my son's phone... his phone is often a PB&J sticky mess.  He could use a cleaning more often.

Normally, I just put a dab of water and some elbow grease with a cloth to do the trick.

Well, Whoosh! has come along and sent a sample of their hygienic spray.

As a Canadian company, I thought it'd be great to give it a shot - I love promoting Canadian companies.  And this one got the CES 2014 honoree for innovation.  Not too bad.

Essentially for $7CDN or $10 you get either an 8mL or 30mL bottle of a non-toxic spray and then an antimicrobial microfibre cloth.

You spray the cloth and then give the screen a good rub down.

Does a pretty good job too.  The cloth is a very good one, better than those teeny tiny ones you get with those screen protectors.

And it doesn't take much of a spray to clean the screen either, so even the 8mL bottle should last a while.

I'll be using the 30mL bottle for my son alone probably, and the smaller for all my review devices that I get - I'll clean it, use it, then clean it before I send it back.  The modern day version of 'be kind, rewind'.

How often do you clean your phone's screen?

Source:  http://ca.whoosh.com/pages/tech-hygiene