Android Wear isn't going to come to the original Android Wear devices

In the beginning there were a few Android Wear watches.  There was the Samsung Gear Live, the Sony Smartwatch 3, the LG G Watch and then eventually the Moto 360.

The Gear Live and the SW3 took quite a long time to get their updates (if at all), but my G Watch and others' 360 have plodded along just fine.

Well, that ends now as we've heard officially that the G Watch and the 360 won't be getting the new Android Wear 2.0 update.  No word officially on the other 2, but given how slowly their updates came we can probably guess their outcome.

This has more than a few people upset.  I understand the point that these devices are well past the typical 18 months of support most devices get, so they should feel lucky they made it this far.

But ... here's what I don't get:

Each of the original devices, and many of the current all have the same processing power/specs.  Just check out our database page

Not a lot of differences here:

Moto 360Smartwatch 3G WatchGear Live
1.0GHz1.2GHz x41.2GHz1.2GHz
TI-OMAP 3A7Snapdragon 400Snapdragon 400

Not a lot of difference there eh?  If anything my G Watch should last.  Heck, the SW3 should definitely be able to.  Look at the rest of the chart... nothing much beyond the Snapdragon 400 processor.

So why shouldn't they be able to support it?  There isn't any custom ROM, the hardware's pretty much the same (and even easier as some of the early devices didn't have WiFi, or GPS, etc...).  What's to stop them from just applying the update across the board?

But, I get it ... a line has to be drawn, and the OEMs have drawn it.

Now, +Ben Schoon over at +iTechTriad has written a piece about how there's a requirement for Wear 2.0 to have to have a button for the navigation.  I'm not sure I share the sentiment, maybe I just missed it in the info that was released, or dismissed it because I don't want to believe it (I do not want a button).  All the same, it's just too bad.

In the end, my watch will still perform well enough tomorrow as it does today, and I should be grateful.