What's in my bag "Martin's Edition" - Check it out

Back in December, I did an article about the gear I carry with me on a daily basis. Every once in a while, we have to check what we have and adjust to make sure we are working in an optimum way. Time to check if anything has changed and what I'm rocking!

Let's dive right in! (All the links will be provided at the end of the article).
I wouldn't be able to carry all this stuff without my trusty Energi+ Backpack from TYLT. There's plenty of vendors out and about selling all sorts of backpacks and this one was a review that I did back earlier last year. You can get your hands on this backpack on the TYLT store for $149.99 USD.

The poly material of this backpack makes it quite desirable for comfort over an extended period when running around the city or even if you're gone to the park for a hike. The adjustable straps and all the different storing compartments make it a must-have backpack for anyone.

With its cable management pass through all over you have the ability to make sure that the built-in battery reaches any of your devices to charge. The 10,400mAh battery offers a 3 port system offering you 4.2A. More than enough to top up any of your devices while on the go. With its easy management system in place for you, you can top the rechargeable battery pack when needed.

The outer larger storage compartment offers you the ability to store a nice 17" laptop comfortably which also houses the rechargeable battery and cable management part of the system. The inner section which is outfitted with a microfiber material that lets you gently squeeze in a tablet to keep it safe. The easy access from the pouch gives enough room to throw in anything you may need.

Next on my list is the accessories that compose my everyday environment. Let's start with this epic carbon fiber case that I have for my smartphone. Not only is it durable, but I needed something that would take over for my wallet. One of the best thing I ever did. Throw in 4 major cards I use and were done. There's almost no need or a wallet nowadays. Everything I needed into an easily accessible solution that works for me. You can put your own hands on Google Nexus 6P Wallet Case from CoverON on Amazon.ca.

My smoking gun of choice is this slick and awesome looking Nexus 6P, a lot of people are commenting that it's big phone and yes it is, but that's just it, that's what I need, have you seen my hands? They're not small by any means and I do what I need all one-handed. This is perfect for everything I may need to do when communication with the world and it's a pretty good point and shoot device. The device still retails for $699 CAD on the Google store.

** With the 6P being a USB-C device, I reviewed a purchase I made for the PECHAM USB-A 2.0 to USB-C and I'm using the tablet port on the portable battery charger to get me the maximum 2.4A for a faster charge (Not Fast charging) since it's not USB-C to USB-C. This legacy cable does have the proper resistor built into it and for $10,69 CAD you can't go wrong.

Let's pull this one out from there, ahh yeah my good old Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, this baby kickass, sure there's other tablets on the market that are better or comparable to this, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with this one. Pair it with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and you are golden! You've just made yourself an on the go workstation. I don't think this Tablet is available on the market anymore, but at the time, I did manage to snag this tablet for little at $499 CAD.

My portable keyboard of choice is from Logitech TYPE-S, although not made for this tablet, it's perfect when it comes to the style of keyboard I want and can definitely hold the tablet in place perfectly. This Bluetooth keyboard retails for $129,99 CAD, definitely a bit steep for most people. You do have cheaper options available on the market that will give you the same quality.

Next item up from the bag of goodies is the RAVPower 4 port 40W desktop charger. I keep this one around just in case there's plenty of gear that needs to get charged up. I think that's the best deal I got on this unit for $20 at the time when I purchased it.

If it wasn't enough, I have with me something new, the Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 and the Voyager 5200. As you would know in one my reviews I tested out the Voyager 5200 and this is by far the best single ear communication tool I've yet to find a match for. The multi-headed microphone with intelligent noise cancellation technology blue me away. The BackBeat Go 3 is also a cutting edge pair of Bluetooth which is perfect for the on the go listening experience. The quality in them makes it a must have in my bag.

I have a few adapters that I keep in my bag that provide OTG for my Z2 Tablet and Nexus 6P, this allows for a versatility when it comes to dealing with different tech in the field. One thing I find I'm missing in all of this is a USB-C hub that provides multi-port connectivity, but that's just around the corner.

You can find all the links and prices to most of these throughout the article.