Sony Xperia X and why I should go for it

Sony Xperia X and why I should go for it

The release of the Sony Xperia X and why I should go for it! This is what I'm debating with myself within the last little while. I just got myself on board with the Nexus 6P, but the Xperia X is talking to me already. The Xperia X has a lot of things going for itself compared to its previous line the Xperia Z and this is looking more and more interesting.

You can't deny that Sony just by itself is a solid brand, but not only for its line of TV's but more so for what they're packing in their newest smartphone. The design of the Xperia X provides for a smooth feel, flawless aluminum edges, and excellent built quality. The design on this device is just phenomenal. The 5' inch display seems a bit on the smaller side of what I prefer, but this isn't a deal breaker. The display's resolution combined with the Triluminous color system makes everything "POP".

In my earlier post, I talked about what Sony has implemented in the battery management system of its device. Sony hopes that the can deliver a solid 2 days of reasonable usage before having a need to charge. With this in mind, charging the Xperia X for near to 10 minutes or so will give you a considerable boost to the longevity of the usage you'll make by 5 hours or so. The management of the battery itself has been optimized to be intelligent in managing the power consumption.

The camera's smart capture technology uses a predictive hybrid autofocus which enables it to track a person and keep them in focus as they move around. Sony's has thrown it's very best sensor camera in this line of the device to make sure that we get the best experience possible. You'll end up having a 23-megapixel camera that can go from standby to capture a picture in 0.6 seconds.

Sony is also in the game with the sound systems ability; Hi-resolution audio with digital noise canceling technology so that you can enjoy your kick ass music. There's still no price announcement for the Canadian market at this time.

What's your take on this? Let me know in the comment below!