May 25th Everbuying has the UMi Super on for $180USD (limited)

It's been said that the past while has been an interesting time for new entrants into the market.  Market saturation of flagships and the spec wars are slowing down the race for the need for the highest spec out there.

Recently my father had purchased the Moto X Play, and he can't tell the difference between that device from about a year ago and my recent G5.  Most people can't tell the difference from flagship and middle line.

Hence why there's a big surge lately in new actors in the market who are putting out some great items for great prices.

This week Everbuying is offering a deal on the UMi Super for just $180USD (for the first 60 units only tho').

This is being offered on May 25th until the stock runs out (and I imagine it'll run out pretty quick).

But what is UMi you ask?  Good question.  I like to keep my ear to the ground and my options open and I hadn't even heard of them. I'm sure  you'll have heard of their composite parts tho:

Look that over again:

  • Sony 4000mAh battery!  (that's a lot of battery)
  • Samsung 4GB RAM (that's a lot of RAM)

And other specs that are not to be sneezed at - a MT Helio P10 2.0GHz x8, fingerprint scanner, even USB-C and my minimal requirements of any phone - 32GB storage.

Even the microSD tray can be used as a dual SIM - handy!

All packed with Android 6.0.

Definitely nothing to be overlooked.  And then top it off with it's under $200 (now convert that to Canadian and we're looking at ~$235, give or take).

The only downside is that it's only a FHD display - sure 1080p is just fine - but I've gotten really used to QuadHD.

All the same, I'm very intrigued, and with my birthday coming up, maybe it's time to treat myself!