Google Translate gets a versatile translate button

This is perfect.  Mes lecons de francias sont finis pour le saison.  I'm going to miss practicing some french with folks in a room.  I guess it's back to Duolingo for me.  (anyone else out there parles francais? and want to help quiz me now and again)

Well, Google just updated it's Translate app to offer a new feature for a 'bubble' for translation.

Previously we could long press a word and choose to 'translate', but now it has a floating interface for us, and if you choose to 'copy' the word a 'floating' bubble shows up automatically to bring in the translation.

Saves about a step for the normal way I do.

Pretty cool I think.  A good way for me to practice (and I have mine set in reverse at the moment for me to translate english words into french).

Just a couple of steps to turn it on when you launch the app next.