Finch for Twitter is an upcoming client that is doing an excellent job

We have clients for all sorts of applications on our devices, nothing screams more like social media when it comes to the variety of apps we have for them. Finch for Twitter is a great class, not only do we have a limited number of very good clients, it's a market that keeps on growing and is popular with people from all age groups.

At a glance when you first start Finch, you'll get a choice of material light and dark. The concept allows for a flow between two very distinct styles for the user to experience.

Provided people with a choice between a card style approach that gives the user a feeling of browsing a magazine is very much enjoyable. Each card is faced with 4 options at the bottom; Reply, Retweet, Favorite, Share. Making the transition between what you may want to do very seamless.

Since Twitter if full of different areas to explore, Finch allows the user to select the tab he's interested in from the top of the application. With the ability to switch from Home, Mentions, Trends and Messages you have a glance all the information you need from Twitter. The card style for each of those is carried throughout for the best experience.

Some of you may have a need for multiple accounts and Finch takes care of that with the ability from the drop-down at the top to let you choose which account to view. Already finch has one up a few of the other available clients on the Play store.

The rest of the application is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to account, favorites, following, followers etc. The simplicity and the eloquent design is what's attracted me to Finch today. It was a done deal when I saw that the format was done in a card style of information display.

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