Best Nexus 6P Tempered Glass? This Canadian no-name glass is awesome

Best Nexus 6P Tempered Glass? This Canadian no-name one might just be it. We have many variations of screen protectors on the market; Rubber, plastic, hard plastic sheets, glass, silicon coated tempered glass etc. They have their own methods to be installed and can quite frankly be a pain to install.

Which brand are you more likely to go for? Spigen, iVoler, Rhino Shield, Zagg, Inskin? We have so many choices to go for. I've started to opt-in for the Canadian no-name none branded tempered glass for my devices and at this point, I've not been let down.

This particular one offers a 9H hardness, oil resistant, fingerprint resistant and offers 99.9% light pass through. Before installing any screen protector, you should consider making sure to have a dust free environment, clean the screen from any smudges or debris. Peel off the back end of it, align with the proper holes for all the sensors and gently put it into place. VoilĂ , I was done in less than 2 minutes.

No bubbles, no extra dust, no added fun thing to piss you off later. Clean and simple installation. I've tested the screen protector on itself to see how well it fared to pressure, scratches, tools, keys, coin, sands, dust etc. The standard abuse you would get from normal use.

It would seem that many people are prone to be clumsy and a case, screen protector are lifesavers to them. Replacing a device because we're being clumsy or simply not paying attention to what we're doing is expensive. Might as well wrap it and protector it? No?

This listing is on eBay Canada and you can check it out for yourselves. Since there's no branding of any type, you can get this nice yellow box with all the needed tools inside to make your application of the protector flawlessly. I've already ordered a spare one just in case.

I give this tempered glass a 5 out of 5 for the simplicity, the protection, and the cost.