Alto mail from AOL redefining information consolidation

Most of you are familiar with AOL. It was the company that was at the pinnacle of the internet in the 90’s. Still today, AOL remains very relevant. With Alto Mail for Android, AOL’s is doing just that. You'll notice that Alto brings you the similar feel for email that you've always enjoyed, but it has a twist. The twist in this story is the ability to organize what's in your mailbox; Documents, Photos, Conversations, Bills, Shopping receipts etc.

Alto is here to make sense of all of that for you in a very simple way.

I'm sure I'll have people wondering what email services are available on Alto. This little gem supports most major email services as demonstrated above. Not sure if your's is supported? You can click on Others, this will allow you to input all the needed details for the service you want to use.

Not only can you enjoy an easy and convenient way to access what you store in your emails, you can also have access to a card view of the important stuff that's in your mailbox with the Dashboard.

The display all of this valuable information just at your finger tips and easy to access. I do wish that Alto allowed me to customize the color palette a little. I would rather have a dark theme VS a colorful application of the fisher price palette.

With speaking to people working on Alto, it was noted that theming and color changes were going to be added in a future release. This has already reassured me a lot. Among all the options you are presented with, it's hard to find flaws with this application, it covers so much of the information that we look for on a regular basis.

Email is evolving and in the near future it might be something completely different, but for now, we have Alto to take care and categorize our information.

This falls in the same category as Google's own Inbox app. Obviously, there's a lot of difference between the two. My take, I prefer Alto mail to any other mail clients at the moment, it gives me the information that I would otherwise have to search for. Looking forward to having more control over the color scheme in Alto, this is a big factor in my decision to keep using an app or to ditch it.

Get your copy on the Google Play store.