USB-A 3.0 to USB-C from iOrange-E is now available in Canada!

Looking for a USB-A to C cable with a high transfer rate and the ability to charge your device at higher speeds? Being that it's a legacy cable, the maximum you'll get out of it is 2.4A. +iOrange-E Official since it's launch on 2 weeks ago initially provided the USB-A 2.0 to USB-C and now comes the next step in their Canadian market expansion!

Now making way to current generation USB-A 3.0 devices this legacy cable is all about giving you the maximum possible. You'll be glad to know that your transfer speeds are going to be like nothing else, especially if you transfer files from your PC, laptop, tablet or Apple device, it makes no difference. You'll be able to reach the highest possible transfer rate. You'll only be limited by the weakest point in the process obviously.

Something that may come to your mind when looking at the cables and especially true if you've been following +Benson Leung is the USB Type-C specification version 1.1 requires a 56kilohm resistor. You can be assured that iOrange-E has taken the needed step to ensure that they are compliant.

You'll surprise to know that they have a very good record when it comes to "After Sale Warranty". This type of service goes a long way with consumers.

Premium Aluminum housing and sturdy nylon fiber jacket adds to the durability of the cable and the reversible design of the USB C allows you to connect it any which way you want. Adding to that is the 2 meters long cable that enables anyone to have free reign.

The cable should be listed in the $15,99 range once it becomes available on