Sony's Xperia X for Canada - What to expect

With the release of the Sony Xperia X line slated for this summer, there's a lot to talk about. Android Coliseum got a chance to speak with Sony today in regards to what's being provided on the forefront of the Sony Mobile line in Canada.

Canada will be glad to know that we will be seeing the Xperia X and the Xperia X Performance, both of which have pros and cons. Looking at the Xperia X Performance we know that it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and our variant will come with 32GB of storage capacity internally. What you may not know, it also has a microSD card slot available which can support up to 200GB worth of storage, which is more than enough for anyone.

The device will perform all the required task with its whopping 3GB of ram for you to enjoy your applications. Sony has optimized their environment around the processor to provide you an experience unlike any other. Tweaks to the system have been implemented in such a fashion that you'd never what's under the hood of this device. Building on the strength of its predecessor this device aims to tackle the likes of the Samsung S7 that's revered by many.

A key strength of Sony's Xperia line is the camera, they're aware and have made sure to bring their A game with a high-end experience. A new predictive hybrid auto-focus algorithm that predicts the motion of your subject and yourself to keep a fluid like professional photography and video. Completely proprietary to Sony, to make sure that Xperia users feel confident in every shot they take.

Sony hasn't just stopped there, they went further to introduce an enhance battery management system with adaptive technology to ensure that maximum possible long lasting experience.

Along the same line of thinking that's been introduced under the hood, Sony also made sure that the premium craftsmanship of this device was on part with a unibody feel with curved metal body and glass making it completely seamless. Taking into account size, display criteria, feel and handling of the device, Sony selected every component to make sure it would be the perfect size for most to handle, the perfect display for viewing pleasure, the perfect feel to the touch, the perfect alignment for one-handed use.

Diving behind the scene Sony has implemented an intelligence behind the Xperia X to bring a more human-like experience. With it's line up of accessories that will bring you something you haven't experienced yet.

With sensors built-in to their accessory line, the Xperia Ear device will be your go to for communication, but, that's not the only thing it brings. A smart new way of communicating with the world. Send and receive messages, check your schedule, search and navigate. All without picking up your phone.

Sony has planned 4 accessories, Xperia Ear is just the first step! We are going to see the Projector (interactive), The Agent,  Eye Wearable. This is all base on the philosophy of organic communication that Sony is striving for.

Planned launch for the devices to hit the Canadian market is scheduled for this Summer. We currently do not have the prices or which carrier will have these devices.

You can find all the technical specifications of the devices on the Sony Mobile Canada page.