Reddit post shows comparison of mobile plans across Canada

On Reddit, user ReAn1985 shared this image;

The image has caused quite the stir on Reddit, resulting in 551 comments and counting.

To sum it up, Canadians are still quite upset that the pricing is so high compared to other countries. The "big three" keep charging obscene amounts for data, and lowering the fees for voice and text. Meanwhile, the popularity of voice and text is on the decline, with data use on the incline. It just screams greed.

The above image doesn't reflect all provinces. For me, being a Manitoba resident, the prices in the images could be reduced as low as $30 thanks to the presence of MTS. I was (shockingly) able to keep my $60/month Roger's plan, which entails voice, text, (yadda, yadda) and 6GB data.

Saskatchewan would also have similarly good pricing thanks to the presence of SaskTel.

I'm aware there is no mention of Wind Mobile here. But Reddit pointed it out, such as user, Nextasy; "Thank [goodness] for WIND here in Ontario. 40$/no unlimited everything, data throttled at 4gigs. Sure service isn't great in small towns but I don't really go there anyway."

Outside Canada...

Are you wondering what non-Canadians are paying in other countries?

Reddit user TheMer0vingian: "I forgot how insane mobile phone plan prices have gotten in Canada, what a joke. I have been living in Australia for the last 3 years and I pay $40/month here for 10gb data, unlimited text, unlimited calls nationwide..."

Reddit user AnticPosition: "I'm not even gunna tell you what I pay in China..."

Reddit user rtfminc: "I've been in EU for a year, probably heading back to Canada soon. Its going to be painful. I Pay about 18euro for: 5GB data (unlimited weekends), unlimited France calls and txts, unlimited calls to USA/Canada/China and unlimited to landlines in 120 other countries. For a couple of more euros I can get 20GB. We are getting shafted in Canada."

Reddit user Matt872000 : "I pay about 67$ a month for my phone (S5 on 2 year payment plan), unlimited LTE data, unlimited texts, 500 minutes of calling, and mobile TV (including Sky Sports and all of the Korean sports channels, movie channels, etc.), This IS Korea, one of the most connected countries on the planet, but still..."

I think it is clear Canada needs more competition to lower these fees. Sooner than later too.