Plantronics Voyager 5200 aim's to be the wherever you go headset

As much as I talk on the phone, there's always a constant reminder of where I am from the bustling city streets of Ottawa to the corner cafĂ©, I can enjoy clear conversations anywhere with the Voyager 5200. This headset offers a unique WindSmart® technology and cutting-edge noise cancelling.

Having had the pleasure of using other brands, I can safely say that I've been impressed so far.

While speaking with Plantronics, it was pointed out to pay close attention to the four-mic noise cancelling technology both by placing and receiving calls. The proprietary DSP cancels disruptive background noise; traffic, crowd, bustling office works.

To put that to the test, I decided that walking downtown Ottawa would be an excellent test. My call on the receiving end was clear, the group I was speaking to was able to hear me clearly with very little to no noise disruption from my surrounding. Let's not just take that as cake, we can't forget the six layers of unique WindSmart technology which ensure that your voice comes on the other end clearly.

With newer devices, the Voyager 5200 will take advantage of the wideband and networks for real HD voice.

I was surprised that wearing the earpiece all day was going to be annoying over the course of the day, but I can safely say that it's pretty comfortable. One of the added benefits is the nano coating by P2i which protects against sweat.

What wasn't mentioned in the tech sheet, is the ability to have 2 connected devices. Say you wanted to get your office smartphone and your personal smartphone connected to the earpiece, allowing for a seamless interaction with either device. The dedicated voice control for answering, muting and volume are a definite must.

Talk time for the Voyager 5200 brings this up to 7 hours of talking or 9 days in standby. This would allow anyone to use this for a long period of time.

The cost is open to discussion, hovering at $199,99 this isn't for everyone. At this price point, you may want to consider a different alternative if talking on the phone isn't a priority. On the other end of the scale, if you spend hours on the phone, you may want to consider this device.

If I were any of you out there, I would also consider picking up the Voyager 5200 Charge Case at the cost of $39,99. Perfect for charging on the go or simply storing away and charge.