Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 for the active professional in all of us

Just last year I was talking about the Backbeat Sense from Plantronics. Plantronics reached out to me again and I've been offered a chance to test drive their newest addition to the Backbeat series. The Backbeat Go 3 aim's to be the on the go young professional music headset.

Experience music like never before—designed for stunning audio quality, revealing the rich texture and micro-detail that’s been hiding in your favorite songs, making them sound new again. I'm all about getting an awesome experience when I listen to music. Obviously, this isn't going to be for everyone, but I do enjoy what Plantronics offers.

I've been enjoying them for a little over a week now and I can safely say that they're sounding awesome while on the go, at work or even in the house running around. Custom speakers and tuning deliver vivid, high-resolution sound while the earbuds block out noise and seal in a rich listening experience. The way these earbuds were designed is different than what you'd expect in most of your in-ear sound buds. Plantronics went with the way of 3D-mapping the human ear to create comfort-fit ear tips that stay put even when you don’t.

When it comes to tackling the audio quality, we can look forward to the HQ custom SBC codec, 6 mm custom dynamic drivers, Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz, 20 dB passive noise reduction, Total Harmonic Distortion <3%, sensitivity 102 dBspl/mW @ 1 kHz. A bit too much tech information for you? You'd be surprised what this says to audiophile.
I'm one of those guys that happen to be on the go often, I sweat a lot, I walk in the rain with no umbrella, so it's important that my electronics can handle a bit of rain or sweat from me. A nano-coating by P2i protects the earbuds from light rain, humidity, and sweat. With the following addition, you've just upped the game when it comes to comfort, resistance, and great sound quality.

I walk to work in the morning, come back home for lunch, go back to work for the afternoon until days end. About 1 hour walk time to and from work, music is a good way to keep a certain pace and beat going. I've enjoyed having these while walking in the busy streets of Ottawa. In the office, it's perfect to isolate me when I need to get work done, especially when there's a lot of "paperwork" to be done.

There's nothing better than bumping to some EDM in the morning while working and keeping you at a pace that can be considered a workout. You'd be surprised, but not all IT folks stand at their desk days in and out.

Convenient inline controls let you adjust volume, skip tracks, take a quick call, or ask your smartphone to play a favorite playlist. A small addition like these makes the world of difference when looking at purchasing a pair. With the ability to pause or take a call in between task at hand makes a world of difference.

I haven't talked about the ability to answer calls, make calls and such. There's a very good reason! I don't receive or make any with this type of earbuds. However, I have tested the call quality, the effectiveness for an extended period of time and I was quite pleased with the result. Both incoming and outgoing sound quality was very clear, noise cancellation was working as specified.

Now you may be wondering about the how long they last with continuous playback right? You'll be glad to know that you can get approximately 6.5 hours worth of  music and up to 14 days on standby time. Depending on the model you get, you can get a rechargeable pouch that allows you to store you Backbeat Go 3 and top them up at the same time.

The retail price associated with Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 is listed at $129. Definitely not for the faith of heart and also not the most expensive pair I've enjoyed.
It's hard to imagine you'd be able to use a different brand. If you choose to get acquainted with what Plantronics has to offer, I can't see why they would want to. They've done a great job at keeping their customer base coming back for more.

Something to also consider is that the sound, the feel for the headset or in-ear pieces are subject to preference and it might not work out for everyone.