Now that we have Podcasts for Google Play Music - what do you recommend

Last week I asked you about Kodi, and some interesting results there.  But today I want to find out about your podcasting habits.

Personally, I've never really given it a full on go... I tried, I used to subscribe to a lot of CBC programming, but it was pretty easy to fall behind and miss out and then who really has an hour r 2 at a time to sit down and listen (like TV shows, I can't just have them on in the background, they need my full attention).

But, maybe I'm missing out on a lot here... lots of folks I know talk about it as the thing they listen to on their phone.  Especially for running (again I'd try, but I find I can't focus as well while jogging - I need to be mindless while trying to move my fat around my leg muscles!).

So, what are your podcasts that you listen to?  What should I not be missing out on?  Sound off in  the comments so we can all see!