MPOW is coming out with a bang! The Bluetooth Antelope headset

I've been on a roll lately with all sorts of audio accessories. This won't come as a surprise if I announced to you that MPOW sent over their newest set the Antelope. I'm still scratching my head on the name for this excellent pair of in-hear headset.

I was really impressed with what it offered the first few days I was running around with it. This in-ear headset is different than the ones I've been playing with. Everything wraps around your head in a solid form, almost form fitting.

The MPOW Antelope design and material gives it a nearly seamless, structural, sweatproof body that prevents it's from liquid damage. Perfect for the everyday use and the fitness crew out there.

Built using the latest and greatest in terms of Bluetooth technology (4.1), they offer very low power usage, are able to transmit the signal more accurately and with that you'll end up getting a much cleaner sound experience.

In my experience, most of the time when I stuff my smartphone back in my pockets or backpack, I tend to get issues with the signal being cut intermittently. MPOW has been able to improve on past design and is achieving that goal of quality.

Of course, even if a product is nice and excellent, we have to think about how comfortable is it going to be over a period of time. The design, material, the shape makes it light, easy to use and will hook up securely for you to enjoy all the beats your playlist has to offer.

When it came to using it to answer calls or to make calls, I found myself being able to hear the surrounding of the person and or people could hear everything clearly happening around me. Almost making me feel that the noise reduction or cancellation technology was that much present.

Overall the experience was a 4 out of 5. With that said, the price point on these is set at $35,99 currently on