LG's looking to build their Friends platform with all the gadgets on one page for the G5

So, LG really came up with something innovative in their new G5 device.  How much it'll be practical over novel will need to be seen.  Just like with the Samsung Note lineup, having a pen is one thing, having things to do with that pen is another.

LG has been vocal that they are looking for more than just a few "friends" when it comes to their lineup of accessories available for this device.

To help build the interest (and availability of the accessories) they've launched a "Friends Store" essentially over at: http://www.lgfriends.com/

Currently the list is the same as they showed at their event:

  • LG Cam Plus - a camera grip with an extra 1200mAh battery - $69.99USD
  • LG Hi-Fi Plus - made by Bang & Olufsen for a higher quality headphone experience - £149
  • LG 360VR - a virtual reality viewer - $199USD
  • LG 360 Cam - a camera with dual sensors for spherical photos/videos - $199USD
  • LG Tone Platinum - wireless headphones (neckphones?) - tba
  • LG Rolling Bot - a little rolling remote controlled sphere (a la BB8 or Sphero) - tba

Kind of annoying tho' that it's all just redirecting for you to purchase elsewhere, so it's not really a 'store' in that sense.  I get that having their own 'shop' is a headache, and the infrastructure is better elsewhere, but if they want to get people excited, the process has to be made easier.

Note how they've kept LG on all the naming, meaning they're waiting for other brands to come in and offer a "Logitech Keyboard" or whatnot.

LG Friends Idea ContestWhat types of accessories would you be interested in?  They've got an SDK available for the camera and are hosting a contest  (in Korea) for more ideas.

Source:  http://www.lgfriends.com/