Kingyou Sport Bluetooth Headphones is making waves!

Up until a week ago I had no idea what the brand KingYou was. That is until I hooked up a pair of their Bluetooth headset. I decided to test them out as the company offered me a free unit to see how I'd like them.

Consider that I've had the pleasure of working with DegaussLabs, Plantronics, Anker, Jabra and others, adding another brand is part of what I do for our fun times with our Android smartphone. Points to retain when I'm using a new headset; Quality of the lows, the highs, the mid tones and the overall sound equilibrium. I have no particular taste or affiliation from one brand to another, it will all depend on how they sound when I plug them in for the first time. It is said that "first impression" is a really powerful thing.

First, I thought this might not working because I couldn't see how these would stay in my ear. There's no clip, push in marshmallow tip to stay in the lobe of the ear of anything, then when I put them in, I noticed that the bottom part of the set locks in the bottom part of your ear, which in itself it clever.

Typical Bluetooth headset, power on, volume up, volume down and oh? What's this a button with a camera icon on it; This button cranks the volume up and then prompts my phone to select a keyboard layout. That in itself is weird, my phone detects the headset as being a pair of headphone but also as a physical keyboard.

This somewhat annoyed me, good thing is that it doesn't request any type of permission on my phone, so I'm ok with that. Although, pointers for King You; Make sure that your device doesn't get registered as a physical keyboard.

I haven't found other anomalies at this time, so I proceed on with listening to some tunes. It Feels like I just got hit in the face with a brick; the quality of the bass is impressive! I listen to a lot of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and the bass is important when I'm out and about.

Shifting through the different type of music within my library I'm going to listening to a lot of genres and see how it sounds. At this present time with the track I'm listening, the high, the lows and the mid are on point, however, the mid tones could be improved just a bit. It would be a bonus if they could be clearer.

Let's dive into some of the specifications that the vendor provides consumer from the Amazon page. Looks like we are getting approximately 8 hours worth of music time and 200 hours on standby. If you plan to make these your default go to for activities, you'll be glad to know it's made for it. As for more specific details such as the hardware used, the type of speakers, the drivers used that information isn't readily available. No information about the test range on the product neither. Not that it matters much, but it's always interesting to see.

The aesthetics of the headset is pretty on par with other brands on the market, lightweight, sweat and water resistant, good sound isolation, price pretty well within acceptable range for what you get. A pair on will set you back $29,99.