iOrange-E reaches the Canadian market with it's high end USB-A to C

We can get cheap USB cables all over the place, however, did you know that many aren't compliant and could damage your smartphone? iOrange-E strives to meet the required standard in all their accessories.

The following shows you a good example of what's currently happening in the industry of USB charging cables:
Along the same line as a previous review of the PECHAM cable, iOrange-E offers a really sweet type C cable. This Braided Cable with Aluminum Connector is of premium quality and it's affordable. Just under $16 CAD you can be sure that this cable will fall under the +Benson Leung approved list. On the flip side, if you need a long cable, this 6.6ft cable is a welcomed sight.

This is one of the reasons why I've been pushing iOrange-E to provide their cable in Canada. They just recently launched themselves on over the last week or so. Previously they were only available on and weren't shipping to Canada.

I landed myself one of these babies to try out and with so many recommendations and glamorous reviews,
iOrange-E knows what you're expecting from them and they strive to deliver just that with this cable. I will put them to the test!

Something to also look forward to will be the USB-C to USB-C cables and docks. Stay connect to Android Coliseum, I'm going to have a USB-C to USB-C cable from iOrange-E in a little while to test and play with and see how well it performs against the others I have.