In Canada we can now use Google Now to identify what a song is

... just don't ask it to do it tho'.

On the weekend I noticed that when I started up "Okay, Google" that there was a little music note while it was waiting for the voice.


Testing it out today it will work if you use the command "Okay, Google" and then tap the note, it'll recognize a song and come back with a result.

If you ask "Okay, Google, what am I listening to?" (or "what song is this?") it will come back with a "this service is not yet available in your country".

It must be hard to be an employee at Google while working in Canada, having to be all multiple personality disorder with the services.

At least it works.

(Tho' it didn't recognize the new Hip song, whereas SoundHound had no problem)

when you just tap the note icon, you get a result

When you ask it to search for you, nada