If you are into mobile banking TDCanada Trust may be your bank

I have been a long time TDCanada Trust customer but they keep adding services that keep me engaged. Recently they unveiled their Tap to Pay app and now they help you graphically track your money with TDMySpend.

Most people don't budget because it's kind of hard/scary/annoying to discuss (or is that just me). With the TD mobile app (only on Android) you no longer have an excuse. With a few taps your financial status is available to you as you spend.

Setting up is easy. Open your mobile app and select TDMySpend from the slide out menu. The first time, you will be authorizing then downloading the supplemental app. You get to select the accounts and it's populated from your account.

You can make it as granular as you want. By default it tags as it sees the payee but you can go in and change it. I pay for all my groceries by credit card, which puts it in the cash category. When I use the mobile pay bill in the parking lot to immediately transfer payment I can update the tag.

Nothing is perfect but TD is really making it easy for your phone (this doesn't not work with the Tablet version of the app) to be your main banking device. From photo deposits to e-interac transfer to tap to pay. Not only have they upped their game, but the apps work.