Hungry Shark World [video]

I used to love Hungry Shark Evolution - a fun game of sharks eating and growing... my son and I would play it a lot on the Nexus Player.

When they removed gameplay from the Android TV ecosystem, I was a little annoyed.

Then they came out with Hungry Shark World, the evolution, or part 2 of the first game.  My son was excited and I thought I'd try it out.

Unfortunately, it's not available on Android TV either... but I thought I'd play around and see what it offered.

As you can see, it looks really cool, but even on the brand new S7 it was pretty clunky and the controls were just ... awkward.  Why would you reverse them from the previous iteration?

In the end, I'm going to suggest, do not install.  It looks fun, but it's more headache than anything else.

That hasn't stopped my son from downloading it and playing it though.  He just ants to get to that Megalodon.