Google's Calendar is getting smarter, for your betterment - welcome Goals

This new update from Google is hitting just at the right time.  Many of us have made some new years resolutions to make 2016 better than 2015.  It's about this time at the gym that we're starting to find it not as packed as it once was.

The hardest part of most people's lives these days to do the things that they would like to do (or think they should do) is to find the time.

I've been using apps like Keep or Endomondo to remind me when I should be doing my exercises, or other apps like "Just 6 Weeks" to bug me all the time.  Eventually it just becomes a notification that I have to swipe away because I just couldn't get to it that day.

Well, Google's using the power of ... well, Google, to look through your Calendar and find the time for you.

That, I like.

So, you set up a new goal... saying you want to run more, or practice your pipes (why isn't that a standard option?) or whatever, and then pick how often you want to do that thing.

The types of goals you can set are

  • Exercise
  • Build a skill
  • Family & Friends
  • Me Time
  • Organize my life

Google'll use it's magic to find time in your schedule to figure out when best.  I don't know how deep it goes through like location or search history or just calendar items.

My issue is that I can't put in my work items into Google- so my personal calendar looks pretty empty.  But for sure, I'll be putting more into my calendar.

Interestingly enough the first session it set up for me was just at the perfect time for me to be able to have gone for a run (unfortunately, other things prevented me from being able to).

Reminds me somewhat of Schemer.

So what would you like to get better at, what Goals will you set and let Google help you find time to achieve?