Comparing Phone resolutions FHD - QuadHD - 4K [video]

So, in a ramp up for the review on Sony's Xperia Z5 Premium I went and made a video to show off how a 4K video looked on 3 different screens:

  • LG G2 @ Full HD (1080p)
  • LG G3 @ QuadHD (1440p)
  • Sony X5 Premium @ 4K (2160p)

Now this was actually harder than you may think.  I had some issues with the other devices displaying the same 4K demo video, so I found a 4K youtube clip, but for some reason the Z5P wouldn't pick it up as 4K.

So, in the end I had the LG devices watch the youtube clip at their native resolutions and then had the Z5P watch the 4K MP4 file.

Now, I filmed in 4K (with the Samsung Galaxy S7), so you won't be able to see the true difference, but should give you some idea of the difference.

Now, again, you may not see the whole difference, but you can see how the Z5P does look a little better for clarity, and in real life it is a real noticeable difference.

Aside from watching 4K videos, remember, the display for the Z5P reverts to 1080p.

I'll have my review of the Z5P up shortly.