What does Ryan's phone look like

So the other day Martin had shared his theming of his device.  It's the joy of Android.  Make it really your own.  And Martin really loves to show of the possibility you can do with your device.  Very awesome stuff.

But, unfortunately, most folks don't take to the "Martin extreme" (trademark Ryan Moore 2016).  Many just leave it as the display they had it when it came out of the box (excepting only when they've figured out they can install apps and the apps go on the homescreen automatically).

So, I thought I'd show something somewhere in between "Martin extreme" (trademark Ryan Moore 2016) and "same as the boxed version" ... let me present you my home screens.

Launcher: NovaLauncher

Screen 1 (left) Widgets
 - Google Calendar
 - SoundHound ∞
 - Google Play Music

Screen 2 (middle) Widgets
 - The Weather Network
 - Google Fit

Screen 3 (right) Widgets
 - Google Keep
 - TD Mobile Payment