What can you find in the pockets of a Canadian Android smartphone junkie everyday?

I'm part of that group that considers himself a smartphone junkie. I do everything you can think of on my device on a regular basis; This includes online payment, in-store TAP&PAY, emails, pictures, document editing, text messaging, gaming and even the occasional social interaction with oh, just about every platform you can think of.

[Phone] Xperia Z2

I'm still sporting an Xperia Z2 and to be quite honest, at this present time, I still don't feel a need to change or upgrade, the phone performs as it should and I have yet to encounter any problems. Many of us in the field tend to change our devices at the rate of 6 months, but this isn't the case for me.

[Power] PowerCore+ Mini

I usually end up doing a lot of different things during my day and being able to top up whenever I need is a must. Sure, you have devices that support QuickCharge and within minutes you're back to 60%, but this isn't the case with the Z2. I've taken a habit of having my Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350 mAh with me now. I can usually get myself back to almost a full charge from 20%.

[Music] Degauss Labs Noir

While I enjoy being all out and about and keeping up my power needs, I have to maintain a level of sanity with the ability to entertain myself and this comes along with a pair Degauss Labs Noir, powerful, deep, crisp and the sound is amazing. Since I'm not the type that gets many phone calls, I can't comment on the nature of the microphone and quality, but for everything else, I love it.

[Extra storage] MicroSD

I've never had a need to carry extra storage with me. However, I do have a 64GB MicroSD in my Z2 that's only been used up to 4%. The rest of the information I may need is stored in the cloud and since Google isn't about to go anywhere anytime soon, I'm pretty confident as to where my data is.

Some may argue privacy and security, but ultimately there's no such thing as privacy the moment you decide to use the digital technology put at your disposal.

[Moto 360 1st Gen]

I'll include the Moto 360 1st Gen simply because it's with me all the time. It allows me to action items pretty quickly, interact with people with a simple voice command. Getting the notification on my wrist is the extent of what I need. All the monitoring aspect for fitness is bloat for me.

+Ryan Moore +Cass Morrison +Sivan Rehan +Rob Blaich; What gear do you have in your pocket on a daily basis?

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Next article, I'll be going over my most frequently used applications with a brief why on each one of them.