What are Ryan's Go To Apps

Again, I'm doing another 'response to Martin' article.  The other day he posted what are his Go-To apps.  I thought I'd share mine.

Currently I have 119 apps installed via Google Play about about another 10 via Humble Bundle ... so trying to pick which are my Go-To ones ... that's hard to pick through.

But my recent article about my homescreen layout should give you a good idea of what are my most used apps.

So, let's go through my top picks

As this is a response to Martin's app choices, I'll follow his headings:

  • News
Similar to Martin, my main go to for reading is Feedly.  I read through approximately 2,000 articles per day, and nothing works better for me than Feedly.  Easy to subscribe, easy to share, easy to scroll through a bunch at a time AND it allows me my oldest-newest sort.
  • Email
I'm a Google guy, what can I say?  My main accounts are my Gmail and my Google Apps, so using Gmail just makes the most sense.  My other email accounts, I'm not so picky on, so whatever built in email client is just as fine (just nice to not have it in the same app sometimes... a way to separate).
  • Social Media
Obviously, Google+ is my main one, but the others are there too... on another page.
  • File Browser
Great minds think alike, and Martin and I must be great minds as we both like SolidExplorer.  Worth every penny.
  • Cloud Storage
If you've followed us for a while, you'll know that I'm a big cloud guy.  But I've had some sad stories to tell as my previous favourites have dropped away.  So, I'm back to using Google Drive as my main storage, but of course the other industry standards are there for those that aren't as up on Drive.
  • Document Management
I'm not sure what the difference here from File Browser section... well mixed with Cloud Storage ... it's Drive.
  • Internet of Things
So, for using my phone as a controller for connected devices I have a Blumoo, my phone has it's own IR app (which is ultra handy, not sure how I'd adjust without), I also have a Roku, and my Android Wear (which you can use for my Kevo as well)
  • Password Management
Nope... I guess I haven't seen a real need for it in my life ... yet.
  • Photos
For me I'm all in with Google Photos.  Unlimited free storage for under 20MP photos... d'uh.  I'm also often using Photoshop (which I can't believe they stopped ... after I paid for it even), Snapseed and Pixlr to do some 
  • Tap & Pay
Obviously, I'm loving TD's update and it's been wowing folks as I use it (can't tell you how cool that feels).  I also have the Starbucks app for scan to pay.
  • Browser
As a Google ecosystem addict, it only makes sense to use Chrome.  It syncs all my usage and bookmarks.  To ensure it's the only one, I've gone in to make sure I've disabled the built in browser from the phone's.
  • Entertainment
I have a folder full of my 'distractions' as I call them.  Well, one for games (Solitaire, Terraria, Boom Beach, Alto's Adventure, Juggernaut Wars RPG and Jones on Fire) and another for 'media' (Google Play Music, Play Books, Play MoviesNetflix, YouTube etc...)

So what are your apps that you use all the time?