The GOTO apps of a Canadian Android smartphone Junkie

Earlier this week I had a post about the daily gear I carry around in "What can you find in the pockets of a Canadian Android smartphone junkie everyday?", with this in mind, I know +Ryan Moore+Cass Morrison+Sivan Rehan+Rob Blaich will have something to say as well about their own daily "Junkie" struggles.

This brought on another point, with all this gear being dragged around, what are apps that a Canadian Junkie would use on a regular basis on his Android smartphone?


When it comes to staying informed about what's happening in the world of smartphone technology, I like to keep my feed consistent with information and there's no better told IMO, than Feedly. You get to have all the news sources you want at your fingertips.


I prefer to ease of use and the interface of one application vs many others I've tried and this is still true today; CloudMagic. When you are able to find an app that just works for you, stick with it.

[Social Media]

Like many I entertain a social for entertainment, communication, interaction with people. I make use of Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I also use other platforms for other goals, interest and what not.

[File Browser]

No addict would go without it's dose of File Browsers and there's so many to choose from now. My go to is "Solid Explorer". It's a fast, simple, effective application that you can now material to your hearts content.

[Cloud Storage]

Google Drive gives you a basic 15GB worth of storage to start with. I have everything I need currently backed up and stored there. 8GB worth of email since 2007 and if you have photos it doesn't count towards the storage limit. In the event you do need more, Google Drive offers 100GB worth of extra storage at the cost of $1,99/Month.

[Document Management]

I went all on-board with digital media of all forms, this included all my papers. Everything I use and need to keep goes into ScanBot and filled into an encrypted archive.


I've gone on-board with IoT since day one and I've outfitted my place with many WeMo devices from Belkin, from the lights, the switch, the appliances, I can control many aspects of my living with the simple push of a button, an app or even a widget. My next project is to replace my current door lock with one of those smart devices and see how that works out for me.

[Password Management]

If you haven't gotten in the habit of making unique passwords to access all the various sites, applications and what not, I think it's time we talked about this. What better way than to share my ultimate favorite SafeInCloud! Pretty simple application, effective, secure and it's completely cross platform.

[Photo Management]

With the updated Google Photos application, it might be safe to say that this is now one of the must have application for anyone. Granted, I also use FOCUS.


In Canada, we haven't gotten Android Pay yet, but I'm sure it's about to turn around the corner and poke its head out. I'm a Royal Bank customer and I've been on the fringe of smartphone payment ever since it's been available with them and I'm going on 2 years now. This is well before Android Pay, Apple Pay or even Samsung Pay started to be pointed out.


Google Chrome, I don't think there's more I need to say. It has everything I have from my home desktop and I can access my history.


My entertainment on my own device is limited to mostly music from SoundCloud. I almost never have any local music. I prefer to play a very select style of music and the usual TOP40 most people will enjoy isn't for me.

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