LG's G5 pricing announced for Rogers and Fido (along with the gifts for pre-orders)

So the other day we showed that the G5 launch date was to be April 8th.

What we didn't hear was that price was going to be, or that for those who pre-ordered, what their gift was going to be.

Well, it looks like some info has now been shed.

Rogers / Fido are showing that the G5 will be $300 on contract, and $800 outright (Fido is saying $400-$550).

They're also showing that for those pre-orders, they will receive the LG Cam 'friend' accessory for free (potentially about $100 value)

Now, initially you might say "hey, $800 is expensive", and surely, it is pricier than the G4 or G3 launched at.  But those also didn't have the modular expansion options that the G5 does.  Also, it's still less expensive than the Samsung S7 (a $400 or $900 option).

So, it's still in the realm of reasonable pricing.

Will you be picking one up?

Source:  AndroidCentral | Rogers