Dashbon's Flicks - a portable projector to take your movies on the move

Just the other day I got a real hankering to go out and get camping.  I just can't wait.  I know my son'll like it too, but he's really getting addicted to his phone and watching youtube and netflix like crazy ... it was hard to not bring our devices last camping trip and I'm not sure I'll be able to get another trip without something.

Now, we've seen plenty of portable projectors before, but this new one by dashbon looks to be a little more 'rugged' than others.  It comes in 2 flavours: 4 hours battery or 8 hours battery.

It will set you back a pretty penny with $600USD for the 4hr battery or $700USD for the 8hr (which why wouldn't you go for double the battery for $100?).

Now, to be portable, it's not going to go all out 4k, but it will get you HD (i.e. 1280x800) with it's DLP projector and a modest 10k:1 contrast (so best to wait for a little darker before optimum viewing).

It's pretty neat, but pretty expensive.  Would you be interested in this kind of accessory?

Dashbon: Flicks
Powerful and portable Bluetooth cordless boombox projector for both entertainment and work
·         Cordless, HD LED projector and all-in-one Bluetooth enabled boombox featuring a high-fidelity audio system
·         Two precision-tuned full range speakers built into the system complete with one subwoofer and a microphone
·         Project a 100” HD image from just 8 feet away
·         140WH model provides up to 4 hours of movie playback and 28 hours of Bluetooth music, while the 280WH model provides up to 8 hours of movie playback and 56 hours of Bluetooth music on a single charge
·         Any device connects to Flicks via Bluetooth or HDMI cable for music streaming, movie watching and showing a business presentation
·         Connect your favorite streaming media device to Flicks through the HDMI port and directly powered by the built-in USB port
·         Patent-pending ventilation system that draws the cool air from the sides of the front grille and carries the hot air to eliminate unsightly and loud exhaust vents on the outside
·         Light weight and compact with a built in hand grip
·         140 WH model weighs 6.17 lbs. and 280 WH model weighs 7.72 lbs

Available at: dashbon.com and Amazon.com
Price: 140WH - $599, 280WH - $699