Cord cutting? Streaming? What apps and services do you use?

I'm all about Kodi, with all the various services, add-ons and packages you can add, there's no other to do cord cutting. I personally haven't had cable Television, Satellite or IPTV in over 7 years. Maybe you're wondering how in the world?

It's pretty easy when you can set yourself up to use Kodi as a PVR, most of us don't have time to watch the TV shows when they come out that day. Which makes Kodi an excellent source for this very subject.

With all the added choices, I can even load Netflix and other services in Kodi. If you add to that mix an HDTV Antenna, then you are set.

This journey of mine started 2008-2009 when I started to look at my Cable bill for TV, it ranged in the $150 for most TV channels I didn't watch, couldn't give two cents for. Then the idea cord cutting like so many was there. Unlike our counterparts in the US, we didn't have a whole lot of options.

Many services tried to offer content, but ultimately they weren't worth much more than going online for the same content.

Fast forward to 2016, we have hundreds of different services, many more options and than Kodi.

I use Kodi as my main platform to source out all the TV shows I want to watch and use the HDTV Antenna for live shows such as American Idol, The Voice, News etc. The combination of the two has made cord cutting a breeze.

Kodi can be installed on so many different devices, PC, Android smartphone, Tablet, iOS devices etc. Probably one of the reasons is the favorite of so many out there. We've had some tutorials on Android Coliseum that provided a how-to get going with Kodi and for the most part it is still about the same.

Resource material you'll need:
Kodi for Android

This isn't the end of the road, there's a lot more add-ons that you can find on the interwebs, but this should get you going for quite a while.

How about you tell me what your cord cutting or streaming solution is?