Bluetooth sounds on the go with Anker Soundbuds Sport

Thanks to Anker I've been able to get a pair of their Anker Soundbuds Sport! I wanted to test out some new products and since we've featured Anker here a few times, I reached out to Anker to see what the fuss was all about with this sports earbuds.

They are sold on for under $30, which makes them a great buy for a Bluetooth on the go wireless solution. How do they really do when it comes to going on your morning jog or weightlifting at the gym? Find out below!

These earbuds are aesthetically pleasing, small form factor, they go around your neck and offers an adjustable clip to manage the extra cable. You can get them in Black, Green fluorescent and light blue. With its 8 hours worth of juice, this should provide for a few days of usage.

Let's get to the core, does it stay in your ears, do you have good sound, what about if I sweat a lot?

The sounds from these rivals with the competition very easily, the sounds was crisps, with lows and highs definitely good quality, but not the best obviously. The fitting in my ears was a bit tricky, I still have to play with the marshmallow heads to get the right size to stay in. The in-ear lob lock in clip does provide additional support for the earbuds to stay in place which was an added touch to the design.

The Anker Soundbuds Sport are water resistant, no matter if you sweat a lot or there's a downpour, they'll be ok for the next time you need them.

When it came to walking to work, jogging around and or simply cleaning around the house, I did notice that if I had my phone in my pocket it would at times crackle up and cut the sound. A cleaner line of sight with the earbuds and the phone is recommended.

I'm giving them a 4 out of 5;

I did enjoy them and they did work as expected except for the crackling noise. Like many I carry the phone in my pockets and this seems to interfere with the Bluetooth connection. The ear clip that goes within the ear lobe doesn't stay in as they should for me, this cause them to slip out often and for the earpiece to fall out. I did try the different adjustment that was provided.

It may be a good thing for Anker to increase the Bluetooth capacity/range of the device for future products.