WinnerGear MicFlip cable deal

We've covered these reversible microUSB cables before.  And I have to say I love the cables.  The latest offering with the braiding are exceptional (as well as Quick/Rapid Charge 2.0 compatible) and they come in 6' lengths.

Recently they had the red on sale ... now it's the gold model on for $12 for a 6' version.  Definitely worth it in my mind, so I thought I'd pass it on.  They've got a limit of 1000 in stock, so act quick!


Deal Alert - Indiegogo Exclusive

We've just launched a limited edition promotion on Indiegogo for 1000 units for $12 Gold cable 200cm ( 6ft) .
  • The New Gold Version 
  • Indiegogo Exclusive Deal
  • 200 cm ( 6 FT )
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Limited Quantity : 1000 Units

Also we've added some more WinnerGear products to our Indiegogo campaign page to make it easier for our backers to purchase it all in one place.